Sunday, June 22, 2014

Yes, No, Maybe, It Depends Part 1

This post is an attempt to answer some simple questions about France with some usually simple answers. If you have other possible Yes/No/Maybe questions please post them as a comment and I'll try to include them in a future post.

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Q: Is the bread in France really as good as they say? A:  YES

Q: Are the deserts in France really as good as they say? A: OH YEAH

Q: Is the Wine in France really as good as they say? A: Definite YES

Q: Is it true that you will loose weight while living in France because the portion sizes are so much smaller?  A: Seriously - did you READ questions 1, 2, and 3?

Q: Are French people really rude? A: No - not normally. The most common answer even among the locals in Southern France is - "In Paris - Yes. But in Toulouse we're much nicer and more relaxed."

Q: Are the French drivers crazy? A: Yes - especially on Motorcycles

Cath├ędrale Sainte-C├ęcile

Q: Are the cathedrals really worth visiting? A: That depends - what do you think of the photo of the Cathedral we visited in Albi France?

Q: Is French Fashion really so much better than fashion in the United States? A: You may have similar shopping options in the U.S. if you live in New York or Los Angeles . But the shopping in France is exponentially better than the shopping in small-town Iowa. I especially love that French women wear dresses so much more often than women in the United States. The selection of clothes is amazing - but you may have to dig a little deeper into your pocketbook.

Q: If I have the opportunity is it worth it to  visit or live in Europe? A: If everyone, everywhere had the will and the means to visit another culture I believe the world would be a very different place. If you are able - make an effort to go somewhere very different at least once in your life.

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Meg said...

Looking forward to gaining a few pounds in Paris this coming October! I'll be armed with "thick skin" in case we encounter rudeness. Delightful & useful info. Thank you for taking the time to share your new-found knowledge!