Monday, June 2, 2014

Willy Wonka's got Nothing on France (2-06-2014)

You think Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory was great?  Just come to France.  This photo is of most - but not ALL of the chocolate section in a eLeclerc Supermarket in France (think SUPER Target).

And this is only the large full bar section. There is just as much space for smaller bars and other chocolate treats.

I was told I might lose weight in France because the portions sizes were smaller. But what's a girl to do when this is staring her down every time she buys groceries?

Chocolates in all different percentages of Cocoa from milk chocolate to VERY dark chocolate. And chocolate from all over the world including Africa, France and Sweden.

Chocolate specifically for fondue and cooking and chocolate to have with your cafe and chocolate just to eat for the shear pleasure of it.

Yep - I've died and gone to heaven. Eat your heart out Willy Wonka!

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