Tuesday, April 1, 2014

La Maison - First Look (12-Mars-2014)

The first thing we did after our plane landed was to follow the relocation agent (French Speaking - Yea!) to the house we would be renting. We were to meet the landlord, go over the lease, sign it and start moving in. This is something that would have been very difficult without the relocation company to help us. Our landlord speaks very good English but there were many questions that needed clarification.

We were told during our cultural training that in general we could expect lots of 'attention to process' while in France. That proved true during our meeting with the landlord. Lots of paperwork, a walk-through of the house and a complete inventory of every item in every room. After two hours we were done and alone in our home - IN FRANCE. Wow!

Our first impression was "This house is HUGE". We knew it would be big, but it is really, really, big. We have a large house in the States but this one is bigger.  My first thought was "What have we done? We don't need a house this large".

But - we do hope to have visitors and wanted to have at least three bedrooms. We also hope our daughter will stay with us as much as she is able.

At the same time we were thinking "This house is AWESOME". It is on the edge of a very small town with a lot of land - very unusual in France. Almost completely isolated and quiet. I knew we would appreciate this aspect very much.

So first day in France and already in our new home - and exhausted! Time to find the bedroom and finally sleep after 17+ hours of travel.

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Cory @aquarianbath said...

The house looks great. Can't wait to see more photos.