Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Who's going to cut my hair?

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I had my hair cut and colored yesterday and was shocked to find out my hairdresser would not be moving to France with me.  Seriously??

I know at least some of you are saying - "Wow I just wouldn't go!"

I've had the same hairdresser for about 13 years and she knows me. Or more importantly she knows my hair. I found myself trying to figure out if I could schedule my visits home to coincide with the resurfacing of my grey hair every 3 months. I could make that work...

But that is just one professional relationship I need to think about. More important than my hairdresser is my Doctor who I've been seeing for over 25 years. Wow - 25 years. Talk about someone who knows me.

Who is going to do those fun annual exams now? That is just a scary thought! But I will need to find another doctor. Surely I can skip a year.

But I can't stop getting my prescriptions. I take medicine for high blood pressure and that is something I'm not going to stop. What do I do with my current prescriptions?  I have an appointment in a couple of days to find out.

In addition to my family Doctor I have a specialist I see for a rare medical problem in my right eye. I've been going to the same retinal specialist for over three years and he is intimately familiar with the odd things going on in my eye. When things are acting up I receive injections in my eye to try to prevent any permanent damage. The injections usually work very well.  Timing is essential during these episodes and I need to see my doctor sooner than later. I am often required me to come in three or more times every few weeks or couple of months until things are stable again.

My current doctor has recommended a couple of specialists in Paris that he is familiar with and trusts to take over my care. They are about six hours away by car. Not the best scenario. But at least we've started thinking about it and know we have to come up with a solution soon after getting settled in our new home.

I'm sure that once we move I'll remember other people that I rely on. But I'm sure we'll find a solution to everything that seems so stressful now.

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