Monday, January 27, 2014

OMGosh We're Moving to France! But don't tell anyone!

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So we just made a HUGE decision that would change our lives forever. We decided my husband would take the position in France and we would live there for 18 months.

This is MAJOR! Quick - log onto Facebook and tell the world.

What's that you say husband? I can't tell ANYONE yet?

What? Have you ever actually observed how women communicate? This is some the best jaw-dropping news I've ever had and you want me to stay quiet?


Oh yeah - just because we agree to take the position doesn't mean it will actually happen.
There is a protocol that has to be followed, agreements signed, and most importantly fellow workers need to be told.

My husband seems to think it would somehow be bad if the people who work with him found out about the possible change on Facebook rather than from him. He's an engineer, these things require planning, finesse, and then more planning.

OK - I see his point. Maybe we should actually confirm that we are in fact moving. Maybe the people at work really should find out before I scream it from the Facebook mountaintop.

Yes dear husband - you're right. I will be quiet. But I'm going to let you know every single day that THIS IS KILLING ME!

Long story short - we told our families and then waited 5 long weeks for everything to get hammered out and decided. I told a couple of trustworthy friends and kept my fingers off the keyboard.

Until now....

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Lisa Williams said...

I'm so impressed you kept this under your hat for so long (or is that under your beret?). What an adventure! Good for you guys!! :) Lisa