Sunday, January 26, 2014

Honey I'm Home! How would you like to move to France?

OK - it wasn't quite like that but it was close. One minute life is moving along as normal and then my husband is calling to say he has been asked to take a position with his company in Toulouse France for 18 months.  (Click here to see a list of all posts about our journey to France)

A couple of years ago this was something that we would never have considered. Our daughter was in high school and we weren't prepared to make such a change with her close to graduating. But now she is a Sophomore in college so that was no longer a consideration.

Both my husband and I have parents still living and being away from them for 18 months is not ideal. But we decided to not let the possibility that something might go wrong keep us from accepting a new challenge and opportunity.

So we sat down the first night and talked about what it would mean and could we do it? Initially we discussed my husband moving and me visiting a few weeks at a time and coming home to try to maintain my business as best I could.  At first this seemed logical, but the more I thought about it the more uncomfortable it made me.I didn't want to be visiting my husband. We have a very strong marriage and I knew there would be no problems there, but he would be building a life, meeting people and having experiences that I wouldn't be a part of.

We needed to make this a family event that we shared together. I decided that I would move to France full-time with him.

There were two major considerations.

1.) I have a cat that I absolutely adore. He is with me all day while I work from home and has been part of the family for nearly 14 years. I couldn't fathom leaving him behind. But he has some health issues so we would need to quickly determine if the move overseas would even be an option.

2.) What would I do with my business. Although I can run my business from pretty much anywhere we had no idea if I would be allowed to work from home in France and what the tax, visa, and other technical  implications of that would be.

These were issues that could be solved. We talked things through with our daughter and after a couple of days we decided to go for it.

So - Yes Honey! I would like to move to France!

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