Sunday, May 29, 2011

Customer Spotlight #15 - Tamara McCall from Georgia

This is #15 in our series Cobweb Corner Customer Spotlight. Enjoy the interview and the fabulous photos chosen especially to share with you. Please comment after reading the interview - the featured stitcher will be thrilled to know you took the time to admire and comment on their craft.

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Tell us something unusual about your self: I used to show American Curl and Scottish Fold cats years ago. I enjoy investigating suspected paranormal activity when the opportunity arises. I am an avid reader, especially cozy mysteries. I also enjoy quilting.

How long have you been stitching and how did you start? I have been stitching for probably a good 40 years or so. I learned how to stitch as a young child from an aunt who did all sorts of crafts. I think she got me into it because I was always right there in her way as she was doing her stitching. So, she sat me down and gave me a project to work on. And so, it began..... :)

Why did you select the pieces you did to share with us? I chose some of my favorites from the past few years. The first is one I literally worked on throughout one year. It is called "Garden Bench" by Stoney Creek. The second one I sent was called "My LadyBug". This was one of my own designs I am doing as a tribute to my pets throughout my life. The third is called "Season's Greetings" by Linda Gillum (chart published by Leisure Arts). Number 4 is "Walk in the Rain" by Stoney Creek

Do you have a favorite designer or style that you prefer? I seem to change what type of projects I want to stitch. I go through phases, whether it be dogs/cats, or maybe garden scenes, or even holiday designs. The dog/cat ones and garden scenes are ones I keep coming back to over the years. I seem to do a lot of designs by the Stoney Creek company, and I am currently working on my first Glendon Place design. I also enjoy designing my own charts, however, I haven't done very many. I am designing a series for me to stitch which will be a tribute to the different animals I have had over the years. The doxie shown here is the first of that series.

Is there anything you wish would change in the cross stitch industry?  Well, as I don't have access to a local needlecraft store where I live, I have to depend on mail order sources. I would like to see mail order sources not overcharge for shipping and getting the order together. I think that is why I love to shop through Cobweb Corner and go back over and over again to shop there! They do not charge more than the cost of shipping and actually seem to appreciate their customers.

How often do you stitch and where do you do it? I usually stitch either in my den or in my bedroom. I always try to stitch on something daily, however, sadly sometimes it can be just a few times a week lately.

Are you embarrassed to admit to friends and family how much stash you have on hand? I usually don't tell anyone how much stash I have! :)

Do you have a favorite quote? No - not really.

Thank you Tamara! Please post comments/questions for Tamara below.


Mare F said...

What fun and you do beautiful work. I'll bet that your aunt was glad that there was another soul to craft.

LeAnn Smith said...

You do beautiful work. I love your animal pictures.