Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jewelry Makeover - Episode 2 - The Hawkeye Necklace

This is the second in my series of taking old jewelry 'mistakes' and remaking them. These items include jewelry I made when I was first starting to bead, 9 years ago, or things that have simply been in many, many shows, or items that scream "What were you thinking?"

To see the first in the series click here.

The article is for my 'Hawkeye Necklace'. I live in Iowa where we love our gold and black Iowa Hawkeye sports teams. I was looking for something that  Hawkeye fans would like. Since this has been in show after show, and marked down multiple times, I obviously missed the mark.

Here is the before photo:

This was a mix of gold and black beads with a 'gold turquoise' donut pendant on black leather.

I cut the necklace apart and made the following necklace and earring set. I have the black beads and two of the orange rectangle beads left over.

The chain is natural brass and is nice and long - about 24.5". Perfect with a light sweater or turtleneck.  The earrings are also natural brass and use the matching crackle glass beads.

Here's another view of the necklace.

Hopefully you'll agree with me that the new design is better - but I would appreciate your comments either way.
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Update as of November 16, 2011: This item sold at the first show it was displayed at -so the makeover was a success!


capecodjewel said...

I definitely like the second incarnation better.
Very elegant. :)

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Love the new design!!

PaperQuick said...

Oh my gosh what a difference, so lovely!

Audrey said...

Really cool makeover Carla!

Life Is A Lark said...

I love Before and After shots. What a fabulous necklace.

earthexpressions said...

Love it!! Simple, elegant, fashion, eyecatching... you rock! :)

polishedtwo said...

Beautiful makeover!

Jeff Smith said...

Nice post love reading it

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