Monday, July 12, 2010

Annual National Parks Pass

This last week my husband and I went to Virginia for 8 days to vacation. We planned on seeing as much of the history as we could, but quickly realized we could have spent 8 WEEKS and still not visited everything we wanted to.

This article is one tip for anyone who likes to travel and visit parks, historical monuments, battlefields etc - in ANY state.

Nearly every attraction you visit will have some sort of entry fee. If you're a nature or history buff, many of the attractions you might want to see may be managed by the National Park Service. In fact, you may surprised at just how much our National Park service does for us.

To save money at these locations consider purchasing the National Parks Annual Pass.

Here are the basics:

  1. Cost is $80 and pass is good for 1 year from date of purchase
  2. Two people can sign the pass, and you don't have to be related. Either person may then use the pass when they travel.
  3. The pass will cover the cost of one car fee (for example entering a park)
  4. The pass will cover the cost of the holder plus THREE other people for attractions requiring individual entry fees. If you are a family of 4 this will cover your entire family.
  5. Only works for sites management by NATIONAL parks system. State and private attractions are not included.

For complete details visit the official site here:

We purchased the Annual Pass for our vacation. We paid $80 and were able to use it at the following:

1.) Shenandoah Natioanal Park (Skyline Drive) Entry Fee $15
2.) Prince William National Park. Entry Fee $5
3.) George Washington Birth Place National Monument $4 per person for total of $8
4.) Fredericksburg National Battlefield Memorial $2 per person to watch movie for total of $4
5.) Historic Jamestown $10 per person for total of $20
6.) Appomattox Courthouse National Park $4 per person for total of $8

There may have been a couple more - but this is what I can remember right off. The total fees for those was $60 and we still have over 11 months to use our pass when we travel again. Had we been a family of 4 the cost for the above sites would have been at or over $80 depending on the age of the kids.

In addition - if there is a long line - you can often bypass the line and go right to the entrance - although you often have to get a sticker to show you paid. You also have the satisfaction of know you are supporting our wonderful parks system. Were it not for the NPS - many of the places we visited would not have been there for us to see.

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Kirsten said...

Hope you enjoyed Virginia Carla! I know what you mean about the history I used to live in Richmond and we were surrounded by history! It's a great state. I especially liked going to Williamsburg. So beautiful! Have a great weekend!