Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Customer Spotlight #14 - Pat from The U.P. of Michigan!!

This is #14 in our series Cobweb Corner Customer Spotlight. Enjoy the interview and the fabulous photos chosen especially to share with you. Please comment after reading the interview - the featured stitcher will be thrilled to know you took the time to admire and comment on their craft.

Please contact me if you would like to be a featured stitcher!'

Tell us something unusual about your self: Gosh Nothing special about me! I am a retired Police Sgt.'s wife, mom,grandma,daughter and retired master florist with 2 brand new knees...I love to travel and as I type I am spending the cold winter months in a small town north of San Antonio TX. Later we will move on to South Padre Island to see friends then on to the desert of Arizona .When we get word the snow has melted---sometime the first part of May,we will head back home to enjoy our place on Lake Michigan!!! Once we are there we will have non-stop company---family and friends and we love that!

How long have you been stitching and how did you start? I learned how to stitch from my Mom's step mom. She was a wonderful tatter but that was beyond me at age 10 so she started me on easy embroidery stitching. After life took over---teens marriage babies, I stopped and picked it up later in my 30's, at that time I did a cross stitch quilt for my mom. That took 5 yrs!!! I stopped for a while and then started once again in 1997 to do some pieces for my girlfriends folk art show in New York. When i quit smoking I took up stitching full time!!!

Why did you select the pieces you did to share with us? The large Santa is a lavender and lace piece. I have made him twice!This one was a present for my daughter and her husband for their first Christmas as a married couple. The rest of the pictures are pretty much a yrs work before I ship to New York for 3 shows and also a shop in upstate. My Favorite piece was titled A Smoky Mountain Christmas-a Patchwork coated Santa Holding a puppy with a sleigh pulled by black bears. It was a huge piece and my husband made the Barnwood frame for it . He makes most of my frames!!! .

Do you have a favorite designer or style that you prefer? I love most everything. Most of the time since I am doing for a Thanksgiving show I stick to Fall, Thanksgiving and Christmas and Winter themes. I put other things in like Lighthouses and seas shore items as well. I do a lot of folk art pieces. I also pick certain charts because they look fun to do and I want to see them finished.

Is there anything you wish would change in the cross stitch industry?
I have to do my shopping through mail order. I am about 60 miles from the closest Joanne's and 100 from Michael's. I used to be able to get my stuff at Walmart but that came to a halt . I only use aida 14 since my eyes are getting old and linen is expensive. the floss I stock up on when there is a sale and any other specialty thread I can from a couple of my favorite sites. I just wish I had a shop closer but then that might be a BIG problem!! I know I would buy way more than I could ever finish!

How often do you stitch and where do you do it?
I stitch daily!!! I stitch when I first get up with coffee and the news and off and on during the day. Since I have to have so many finished pieces I really can't stop much... except for company and the grandkids!
Are you embarrassed to admit to friends and family how much stash you have on hand? YES!!!! I have a room stacked with frames of all sizes--- some my husband makes, some I find on my travels-love flea markets and others just acquired from all over. I have stacks of fabric, yardage for finishing, pinecones, berries ,leaves I collect and press and acorns, sticks twigs and buttons ,ribbons cords, embellishments etc.etc .. its embarrassing!!

Do you have a favorite quote? Not really a quote but I am always saying ''' things happen for a reason''' and they do!!!!

Thank you Pat! Please post comments/questions for Pat below.


Anonymous said...

Hi, This is my mom! She has such incredible talent! Her work is beautiful. I remember the 5 year quilt project. It is on my Grandma's guest bed to this day. I love my Santa my mom made for us, the attention to detail is something she puts into every single piece she does. Thanks for profiling her on your blog. And it is true, she is ALWAYS stitching! Her work sits on a wooden tray always at the ready. I am so glad she has found something that she enjoys so much.

Kimberley Kroupa

Anonymous said...

Wow! so much Christmas. Colorful and carefully done. As always having a significant stash just means no need to stop and shop.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am the host of the Holiday Show Pat does on Long Island, NY and what she failed to tell you is that her work is now all over the world! Her work looks like paintings and I have customers that buy 3-4 pcs every year! It is so fun to promote and sell work by someone I love so dearly. Barbara Blossey-Chuvalas

The Paisley Studio/Sarah McNamara said...


I sell my hooked rugs at the same New York show at Thanksgiving time. I actually help with set-up every year and am always amazed at Pat's work -- not only at how prolific she is, but also how beautiful her stitching and her framing are! it is always a treat to unpack those boxes from Michigan!

Great work, Pat, and great interview! Can;t wait to see what is new this year!

Sarah McNamara

Anonymous said...

I'm a friend of the gal that Pat sends her art to in NY. I've so many of her beach art and cats pieces! I love her work and endless energy. Keep on stitching , Pat. I look forward every year to help Barbara with her show and see what you've designed in the past year. Carol

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Pat! Thank you for sharing with us.

Dot Johnson said...

Pat, I can't imagine selling any of your work, it is so beautiful. How lucky you are to have your husband make the frames as that sure gets expensive. Wish I could go to one of those shows, they sound wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Pat's work really is beautiful. Her holiday pieces are colorful and fun but my favorites are her pieces with beach and ocean scenes. She adds frames of real drift wood and the pieces are breathtaking. Pat has a real gift, we're lucky she shares this talent with the world! Keep up the good work Pat. Aimee T.

Chestnut Bay Quilting said...

Hi, I own Chestnut Bay Quilting in western New York where Pat sends some of her wonderful work. If I had a dime for every time someone commented on how beautiful the cross stitched pieces are....
Love, love, love all of them and have brought lots home to decorate my own house!
Thanks, Pat!!
Patty Cline

Daniela said...

Wonderful article. I wish I could take a peek into that craft room.