Friday, September 11, 2009

Customer Spotlight - Susan from Tempe, AZ

This is the sixth in our series Cobweb Corner Customer Spotlight. Enjoy the interview and the fabulous photos chosen especially to share with you. Please comment after reading the interview - the featured stitcher will be thrilled to know you took the time to admire and comment on their craft.

Tell us something unusual about your self: I am a single parent with an 18 year old daughter and a devout Anglophile!

How long have you been stitching and how did you start? I started stitching when I was pregnant with my daughter; she decided to come early at 33 weeks and I was in the hospital trying to keep her as long as I could. I wanted to stitch a birth announcement for her anyway. That was 18 years ago and I haven't stopped!

Why did you select the pieces you did to share with us? The pieces I chose are some of my favorites. One I call the Psychedelic Pirate Ship by Amanda Loverseed; another is a Railway Station by Charles Wysocki; there is a Pirate (the pirate ship and pirate are for my daughter; she loves pirates!) with a parrot on his shoulder and the last one is called, I believe, Snow Quilts by Linda Myers.

Do you have a favorite designer or style that you prefer? My favorite designers are Charles Wysocki, Paula Vaughn, Judith Kirby and Linda Myers. I love designs that represent Americana or Victorian, the simpler times. Most of the projects I stitch are fairly difficult and are mostly cross stitch.

Is there anything you wish would change in the cross stitch industry? Not really but I do wish sometimes that there were more cross stitch stores near me. The only one near me is Michael's and most of the time they don't have what I want!

How often do you stitch and where do you do it? I try to find time every day to stitch; it's my sane time! I have a nice little niche in my bedroom where I can get comfortable and make pretty things. Sometimes I work on three or four projects at once!

Are you embarrassed to admit to friends and family how much stash you have on hand? I'm kind of embarrassed to admit to myself I have such a huge stash. Not really--everything I have I love and can't wait to stitch it. I collect stitchery like other people collect stamps or coins.

Do you have a favorite quote? Yes; "grow old with me, the best is yet to be."

Anything else you would like to add? I really love to stitch. It's calming and what you produce is so rewarding.

Thank you Susan! Please post comments/questions for Susan below.


Dirt. said...

wonderful interview and lovely photos! i did have to google "anglophile", but i've learned something new! ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! I especially love the Snow Quilts. I love Charles Wysoki, too.
Lisa Williams

Anonymous said...

You do BEAUTIFUL work! Love them all!

Mallory Flores said...

I'm so proud to have you as my mother! You do such beautiful work, Mama, and to see you featured on a beautiful website makes my heart swell with pride. :) I love you!
(I think you should stitch me more pirate stuff!)

Anonymous said...

Excellent work! I would love to see more of your pieces. Keep it up!

Joni said...

I wish everyone could see the beautifully astounding artwork I have hanging in my home.I'm Susan's sister. My family and I have been the very fortunate recipients of beautiful and heartwarming gifts over the years.How wonderful it is to have these beautiful and personal creations to mark the special occasions in our lives! We're so proud of you! Thank you Susie!

Anonymous said...

Cool! I have never seen the pirate patterns. My grandson even named his cat Pirate, he likes them so much.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan, for sharing your beautiful pieces. I also love Linda Myers designs.

~Sue~ said...

Fantastic pieces to share with us....I LOVE your project of the pirate alone! And a wonderful and insightful interview! And I especially loved the comment left by your daughter; her remarks remind me of my own daughter - stitch more for me! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing - great work! I understand about the stash - I started collecting charts only about 2 years ago, and my count is close to 400, but I love them all! Hope you can find more time to do your beautiful stitching.