Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Making the Most of Business Cards

Business cards are an essential part of any business. It is an easy and inexpensive way to give someone a reminder of what you do, along with the ways a potential customer can contact you or find your store.

I use business cards to hand out when people ask what I do. I include them with orders so people will remember where they bought that favorite piece of jewelry, and I have them sitting on my tables at shows, so future buyers can check out my store or contact me at a later date.

For years I had a standard business card that I was pretty happy with. The supplier was reliable, the quality good and they were inexpensive. However I was limited to 6 lines of information. When I opened my Etsy store and started my blog - I wanted to include additional information on my card. In addition, I wanted my business card to be more of a marketing tool.

Happily I stumbled upon Moo.com. Moo.com allows you to very easily download up to 50 of your own images to use as the front of your business card. In addition, the format I selected had room for nine different lines of text, so I was able to put everything I wanted on my cards. In the picture above the top part of the image is the front of one of my cards and the bottom of the image is the back.

For a jewelry designer this business card solution is perfect because I can showcase dozens of my designs. People often stop at my jewelry table and go through my stack of cards to look at the different designs I have. And, when I tell someone I design jewelry, I can pull out 8-10 cards and go through them to show the person the types of designs I create.

The only drawback is that they are very expensive compared to what I was purchasing before. But the quality is exceptional and I now feel like I have a real marketing tool.


Marie Cramp said...

Thanks for the link! What a fantastic idea. That might just be what I need.


Anonymous said...

A great idea, but Moo is very expensive. I think a local neighbourhood printer might be able to replicate the idea if you give them the artwork. I'm going to look into it next order.

Also I use postcards from Vistaprint in much the same way. Every time a free offer comes along (like every day!) you could order a new batch with a new front picture. You wouldn't have quite the same variety of images of course.

(found via Twitter)

Samantha said...

my neighbor (and artist) bought those, they are fantastic...maybe when I do a little bit better (just starting), I too will invest in them...they are great!