Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Own Little Corner

I thought I would share a couple of photos of my work space at home.
Below is a picture of me sitting at my beading table.

I use this table exclusively to bead. Behind me are two storage units I purchased when I first started. I thought I would NEVER fill them! Hah!

A couple of years ago I bought the white storage units on the left. They were originally designed for scrapbook materials, but you can purchase them with large and small trays to hold beads.

They are fabulous! Now I have much more visibility of what I own, and much more storage space. Below is a picture of a couple of the drawers pulled out to show how the inserts work. These drawers are shallow, some of my others are deeper for larger beads/pendants. The biggest advantage is that have a much better idea of what I have - I'm not losing things in big boxes or bags.

This next picture is of the area I use to do my altered art work. I cut, glue, solder and sand here.

The last picture is of my desk with my computer. This is where I spend most of my time. My scanner is here and I can scan cross stitch covers, update my inventory, process orders etc. I also have a digital scale attached directly to my computer to compute my postage for me.

This desks wraps around and there is another identical unit with my husband's computer and work area. We have a laser printer and color photo printer set between us to share.

You'll notice my bead table also has a laptop on it. We have the laptop on wireless network/internet so it can be used anywhere in the house. I use it daily at my bead table.

All of the photos are located in one room - our office in our basement.

Hope you enjoyed seeing where I work. Please fee free to comment or ask questions.

I have a whole other part of the house used for storage for cross stitch inventory, shipping materials etc. However it was WAY too messy for photos. Some day...

9 comments: said...

Hey Ms Carla, It is so nice to put a face with your name. Thank you for sharing. Please, keep up the great work you are doing. Several of my stitchin' sisters and I will always use your website when posting an "enabling elert". LOL! We are members of several of Yahoo's cross stitching groups and we love sharing/enabling! You rock, Girl! Roxanne Carmer

AshleyBug Designs said...

Wow, you have such a beautiful workspace - I would give anything to have a space like that to craft. Thanks for sharing this - it gives me something to aim for in the future.

-Ashley (Ashleybug on Etsy)

Emmy Lou said...

wow such a wonderful creative space. enjoy it, I can't wait to have a house!

Kari said...

I love seeing other people's work space / offices. Thanks for sharing!

Stacie - Your Avon Lady said...

Love your workspace Carla! It looks like such an enjoyable place to work.

Szarka said...

Your work area is dreamy. I want to move in ......grin.


Chelsea Ling said...

wow your space is awesome :) I love seeing people's spaces and reading about how they create

FishStikks said...

What a wonderful work space, so open and inviting and those bead storage drawers are to die for!!

Jamie said...

Carla, that is incredible I feel like such a pig!