Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Jewelry -Keeping Busy in France

I debated quite a while to decide whether or not to bring my jewelry making supplies with me to France. In then end we moved without them, and then I had them shipped over.

While I've been super busy with classes, travel, visitors, etc. I have had a LOT of alone time at the house. So.. I'm really glad I had my supplies with me.

My business has been closed since we moved, but I've been working hard on making new designs to have a LOT of new inventory when we go home. As of today I have just under 150 new pieces to bring home with me in December!

I decided to share just a few....

Colored Brass items are hand painted by me.

Click the photo to enlarge in new window to see detail.

Little Animal Friends

Little Bit of Romance

Hand Painted Southwest Design

Burnt Red with Vintage Glass Cab wrapped in Brass Filigree

Cobalt Blue with copper and crystal accents

Rose Pink with square crystals

1 comment:

Rhonda T. said...

Carla, you've still got it!!! Awesome stuff! I can't wait to get to shop again. Good work -- Especially the pink medallion!