Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I'm Leaving - On a Jet Plane...

Finally! Let me say that one more time - FINALLY the day arrived for us to leave for France. I had honestly doubted we would ever really go. Surely someone, somewhere would change their minds. But no, we're going.

I thought I might have travel horror story to tell. But honestly our flights went perfectly. And as an added bonus all of our luggage arrived with us.

We left Cedar Rapids Iowa around 1:30 (thanks to great neighbors giving us and all of our luggage a ride to the airport). We flew to Detroit, had about a two hour layover and then flew on to Amsterdam.

The most exciting part of our trip was getting upgraded to Business Class on the flight from Detroit to Amsterdam.

I was so excited I snapped a couple of photos (this was certainly blog and scrapbook material). Came to find out - NO PHOTOS ALLOWED - supposedly for security reasons. Who knew? But I managed to get a couple of shots off and only suffered mild embarrassment. It was definitely worth it.

We went through immigration in Amsterdam. That consisted of, well, nothing. I handed the lady my passport, she stamped it and I went through security.

My husband, Paul,  had only a little more trouble. He was carrying a backpack full of camera equipment, a laptop and a tablet. In the U.S. you don't have to put the tablet in a separate bin. I left mine in my bag and had no problems. But Paul got stopped. The security team took every piece of camera equipment out of the bag and then sent it all through security again. All was fine after that. A minor 5-10 minute delay.

We had another 2 hour layover in Amsterdam and then flew to Toulouse. I was expecting more immigration questions in Toulouse but we had nothing to declare and were able to just walk through to the exit.

A relocation representative was waiting for us along with the keys to the car we were leasing. SO nice and SO convenient. We followed her to the house we were renting and that was it! Travel was over, we are now in France.  All in all we were in airports or on airplanes just over 17 hours.

Time to check out our new home!

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Cory @aquarianbath said...

Yay. Can't wait to see pictures of your new place and of course the rest of France.