Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Customer Spotlight - Ann Hewitt from Vinton, VA

Enjoy the interview and the fabulous photos chosen especially to share with you. Please comment after reading the interview - the featured stitcher will be thrilled to know you took the time to admire and comment on their craft.

Tell us something unusual about yourself. I am 69 going on 70 too fast. I have had a very good life, happy childhood and great husband and family. I have been able to make my dream come true, being a Walt Disney cast member. I work part time at the Disney Store near my home and every year I visit Walt Disney World with my daughter and this is truly a dream come true.

How long have you been stitching and how did you start. I have been stitching 41 years, starting with needlepoint and then self taught cross stitch.

Why did you select the pieces you did to share with us? The Pentagon (Inez M. Long) was the last military assignment my husband had in the Army. I stitched this especially for him. The lighthouses collage (Howard Koslow) is the largest piece that I have made and it took me several years working on and off to complete. I am now just about to complete "Cat and Mouse" (ANNE MORTIMER). I just have a small area to finish in the lower left corner. At my age the colors have been challenging. We have 4 cats and this reminds me of "Mickey" as seen in chair with my cross stitching.

Do you have a favorite designer or style that you prefer? Lesley Anne Ivory's cat designs are my favorite. Her pictures of cats are very detailed and contain a lot of varies designs with the cat. I prefer 14 ct Aida because of my eyes. I love florals especially Hydrangeas.

Is there anything you wish would change in the cross stitch industry? At this moment I cannot think of anything that I would recommend to the industry. I would like to see more local needlework shops because they have classes and activities for stitchers in their area. My area does not have this luxury.

How often do you stitch and where in the house do you do it? I try to stitch a hour or more each day. My recliner/rocking chair is the living room is my favorite place unless a cat has taken up residence and then I move to the other side of the room where I keep duplicate stitching supplies and a good light.

Are you embarrassed to admit to friends and family how much stash you have on hand? My family does not realize how much I have, and yes, they would be surprised to see my stash in plastic bins and an old trunk. I have been thinning out some of my stash as I know I will not live long enough to finish all I would like to do. My problem is that I am always seeing something new that I want to do.

Do you have a favorite quote? "If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything".

Do you have anything else to share? Yes, my own question - What do you do with your finished you frame them, give them as gifts or store them for framing another time?
ANSWER: I frame my finished project if I have a place for it and it has a special meaning. I have given some small pieces to family.

Thank you Ann!! Please post comments/questions for Ann!


nutmegg said...

Thank you I love reading these interviews, as I get to know what other stitchers think and likes and dislikes....

Rose said...

Hi Ann,

It's me, your no.1 fan from the Philippines. I can't wait to see the Cat and Mouse finished. Glad to see some of your other works. Very nice too.


Linda K's Creativity Works said... do beautiful stitching....I love reading your Blog. I just found your Blog today.

Your Pentagon picture is just out of this world. I just can't get over this one at all. It is a very stunning piece of stitching.

Congratulations on all of your finishes and I can't wait til I see more progress of your WIP...your Cat one.

Take care & Happy Stitching

Laura said...

Ann, your stitching work are so beautiful.. I didn't know about the pentagon, this is a great work you did for Bill. The cat and mouse are wonderful, hope to see it complete soon!
Glad to read your interview!
ciao from Italy!

paintingpam said...

I love your cat posing with your stitchery

chris said...

Hi Ann. i loved seeing your is sooooo beautiful.I am looking forward to seeing the larest project when it is done.It is also nice to know that there is another stash out like that sounds like mine.keep up the lovely work.Chris aka

~Sue~ said...

Hi Ann, your work is exquisite! I especially love the lighthouse collage. Aren't these interviews great? You can learn so much about others and their habits, it really makes me feel good about not being alone in my own bad "stash" habits. LOL - especially the part about having so much stash you'll never get it all stitched. I'd have to live to be 900 to finish all my "need to stitch" projects. Congrats on being selected as the featured artist too!

CareyCottage said...

I DO LOVE the CAT!!! As a cat lover myself, I absolutely understand wanting to stitch them!

Beautiful Work!

Norma from Puerto Rico said...

Such a beautiful work!!! I have never done such big projects... the biggest one took me six months!!'re a great lady!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anne,
Beautiful pieces that you have chosen to stitch! I especially, love the one dedicated to "Mickey"! They are all beautiful and obviously, stitched with Love!

Mary from Saint Louis said...

Hi Ann,
You do amazing work. Mickey is a beautiful cat and I love your "cat and mouse" piece, I am a cat lover myself. I was curious, how were you a Walt Disney cast member? Happy Stitching!

Design Knit Fun said...

I love the expression on the satc face and all the detail in the work.

earthexpressions said...

Beautiful work! Glad to read this interview :) Thanks for sharing...

aka Miss Kim said...

Beautiful beautiful works of art and a wonderful interview!

CrossStitchNerd said...

You do beautiful work! Cross Stitch is a medium that is beautiful and truely is an artform. You make it look easy!