Friday, April 3, 2009

Disney World - My Lists

On our recent 4 night trip to Disney World: (all pics taken by my husband - didn't he do a great job? Click to enlarge)

My Favorite Park: Hollywood Studies
My Least Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom (really dated, unless you have small kids almost not worth the crowds.
Favorite Ride by Park:
Hollywood Studios: Aerosmith Roller coaster. It ROCKS - Literally! It's not one of those 'start slow then go fast' rides - they have a countdown 5-4-3-2-1 - and you GO!!!! Over too soon and almost too much for this mom.
Close Second was the Toy Story Ride - Loved it!
Epcot: Soarin' - Best simulated ride I've ever been on. Went back an extra day just to ride it again.
Magic Kingdom: Space Mountain (but really didn't care for any of them)
Animal Kingdom: Expedition Everest - Backwards Roller coaster - What more can I say?

Worst Ride Ever:
Stich's Great Escape (Magic Kingdom) - Just DON'T go on this ride - worst waste of time ever! Boring, LONG, and really dumb. Even if the lines are only 3 minutes- DON'T DO IT! You'll regret it.

Most Daring Thing I Did:
Remember - I'm an old mom! I SWORE to my daughter and husband that I would NOT ride Tower of Terror (Hollywood Studios)!
I said "I don't want to hear it - don't even ask!" But we got there and I said "Carla - just RIDE the *&#@ rides."
So I did.

I had tears in my eyes and could hardly talk when it was over -but I did it!
My daughter and husband were SO proud of me!

Best Show by Park: (there were a LOT we didn't see)
Magic Kingdom: Other than the fireworks and parade - the best show was Mickey's PhilharMagic - 3-D. Actually I enjoyed the 3-D shows in all of the parks.

Epcot: Illuminations - Laser/Fireworks at park closing - Fabulous!

Animal Kingdom: Flights of Wonder - Live Bird show. Very cool. (it's tough to be a bug 3-D was also good.

Hollywood Studios: Fantasmic - at park close - does not show every night. Waited 2 hours to save seats. Another thing not to miss is the Block Party Parade - really well done.
Most Unusual Thing We Saw:

By far - DiVine in Animal Kingdom - You must be lucky to see her - she's only along one area and only out a few hours a day. This photo was taken by my husband.

Thanks for reading - hope you liked!
Please comment - and tell your least/favorite attraction!


StampinMom said...

He did do a great job! We've never been, but have got to get these girls down there soon. Love that last photo!

Jamie :-)

A Painting a Day by Kristen Stein said...

Love the picture of DiVine. Gorgeous colors! Your husband took a fantastic photo! Looks like y'all had a great time! -kristen

Carolyn (addtwist) said...

Can you imagine haven't DiVine's job? Having to put on all that makeup!

Great pics :) Glad you had a good time!

Suzy357 said...

I love that picture! you hubby is quite the photographer. What a dream job she has (in a way hehe) very cool, unless you have an itch or a sneeze sneak up on ya lol.
I have never been to DW but I really hope to someday. Looks like it was a great trip.